The 77 Percent: DW’s Youth Magazine To Premier On Leading Nigerian TV In Hausa

The 77 Percent: DW’s Youth Magazine To Premier On Leading Nigerian TV In Hausa

DW’s format The 77 Percent will debut on the leading Nigerian TV channel AREWA24 on February 25. So far produced in English and Portuguese, AREWA24 will now adapt the youth magazine into Hausa.

The 77 Percent derives its name from the percentage of people in Sub-Saharan Africa who are younger than 35 years. Despite forming the majority of the population, they are the least represented demographic. With personal stories and lively discussions directly from the continent, the show provides a platform for these voices, highlighting their interests and the key issues facing them.

Since 2017, The 77 Percent has been produced in English and Portuguese, and will premier in Hausa on February 25. DW partner AREWA24 is the leading Hausa-language family entertainment and lifestyle television channel and production studio in West Africa, reaching 40 million Hausa speakers.

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AREWA24 CEO Jacob Arback: “Adding The 77 Percent to our primetime lineup is a tremendous opportunity for AREWA24 to showcase real issues, challenges and success stories from youth in all parts of the continent. These are our future leaders and the more their stories can be told and shared, the more our talented and motivated young people in Northern Nigeria and West Africa can be inspired. We’re proud and excited to partner with DW and to take this top-quality production to our Hausa speaking youth and their families.”

The show celebrated its 50th edition this month. Claus Stäcker, DW Director Programs for Africa: “Our format is perceived by the young target group as cool, constructive and authentically African. The pan-African, conversational and solution-oriented approach gives extra value for our digital, radio and TV partners in the region.”

Sevan Ibrahim-Sauer, Head of Distribution Africa: “We are excited to further extend our partnership with AREWA24. Having worked closely with their team over the last couple of months in the distribution of DW Africa on the Move, both AREWA24 and DW will now deliver The 77 percent in Hausa to millions of Hausa-speaking viewers. We are confident that this partnership will open more doors to further collaboration.”

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