The Art Of Placing A Winning Sports Bet

With millions of Americans and Canadians now able to legally bet on professional sports, the online gambling industry has gone into overdrive. We now have thousands more sportsbook wagers placed every day than we did this time 12 months ago, with record numbers of winners paid. It’s the perfect time to start your sports betting adventure.

The preferred option for gamblers making NFL, English Premier League, and the best Stanley Cup bets is through an Android or iOS smartphone. The leading bookmakers allow registered members to gamble from anywhere in the country and at the touch of a button. Turn any situation into an opportunity to make predictions and place bets on your favourite sports, competitions, and teams.

Play to win

Having the option to legally place bets on sports and making a profit from your sports bets are two completely different things. Anyone who is old enough and living in a region of the country where betting is permitted can register an online gambling account and start making predictions. It can be done with a single click when on the move using your smartphone or relaxing at home with a desktop computer.

Making winning bets and boosting your bank balance takes a little more effort. There’s much more to it than simply choosing your favourite NHL team to win and sticking a few dollars on them, hoping for the best. So, how do you improve your chances of making winning bets? This article explains it all. Our team of online gambling experts explains the art of placing winning sports bets.

Remember, there is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies and no sure-fire way to make winning bets. Any site promoting anything different can’t be trusted. What you’ll find on this page is advice and knowledge taken from countless years of experience.

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Choosing the right bookie

When first setting out to start betting on sports, you must ensure you are gambling with the right online betting app – the one that’s best for you. There are countless bookies all promoting themselves as the best in the business with the most eye-catching welcome bonus, the widest range of sports, and generous odds.

Spotting a great bookie in a crowd of decent apps isn’t easy, but your search will be made easier if you follow these pointers. Check that the bookie covers all the sports and competitions you love. Compare the odds, read through the welcome bonus terms and conditions then speak to the customer service team for further information. The more you know about an online sportsbook, the better your chances of landing a profit.

Doing your research

Before you place a bet on any sports fixture, you must do the necessary research. If you are betting on an NHL playoff match, for example, you want to know as much about the fixture as possible. The more you know, the more ammunition you will have to shoot down the bookies and make a profit. You can be sure the traders are doing their fair share of research.

Find out the head-to-head stats concerning two teams, injury news, recent form, weather, officials, and more. Read interviews with coaches and players.

When analysing the head-to-head stats associated with a fixture, you will often stumble across a stat or trend that could lead you to a winning bet. It doesn’t have to be a team to win either. There are loads of markets you can choose from. Are two teams notorious for serving up high-scoring matches? Back the over goals. Does one player love to score against a particular opponent? Play them to score first.

Getting the best odds

Every bet you place should be at market best odds, and taking anything less is handing yet another advantage to the bookie. After you choose the bet you want to make, you should visit a respected betting odds comparison site. 

There you will find a list of all the odds offered by major betting apps on your selection. The best offer will be in bold, and that’s the bookie you should gamble with. The differences in odds may seem small or irrelevant, but those margins soon add up.


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