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The Cast Of Crime And Justice Lagos Reimagined As Popular Hollywood Detectives

If you are a true lover of crime series, then you are no stranger to names like Sherlock Holmes, Bosch, Ray Donovan, and the like. For some of us, it’s True Detectives, The Rookie, Law and Order: Organised Crime, and the works.  

They were our introduction into the world of crime-solving, and from the comfort of our couches we learned how to trace a smoking gun, gather DNA samples, and solve the most complicated crimes, thanks to watching our favourite crime busters solve cases upon cases.

In many ways, members of the Serious and Special Crimes Unit (SSCU) in Showmax’s Original crime series, Crime and Justice Lagos, remind us of our favourite Hollywood Detectives. Headed by the charismatic Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Femi Bibioye, the elite team comprises SP Kelechi ‘KC’ Farasin, SP Danlandi Dikko, and tech-wiz Simisola Alade-Wright.

Here is a list of the SSCU characters of Crime and Justice Lagos reimagined as some of the most popular and badass Hollywood detectives 

  • DCP Femi Bibioye as Elliot Stabler 

Femi Bibioye is the head of the Serious and Special Crimes Unit (SSCU) and controls the operations of the unit. Biboye might as well be the Nigerian version of Elliot Stabler, the head of unit, Law and Order: Organised Crime, as they’re eerily similar in character. They are straight shooters, especially when it comes to work, although they have a sweet side to them they rarely show. 

They’re both laid back and if there’s one thing we know about Bibioye and Gibbs, it’s that they treat their teams as family and will always go to bat for them.

  • SP Kelechi Farasin as Olivia Benson 


We can’t help but see the similarities between Superintendent Kelechi and Olivia Benson of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on Showmax. They both don’t use gimmicks to catch criminals. They show up to work every day and do their dang job, having seen enough that they can solve crimes based on experience. 

Sometimes they care too much but still get the job done. As scary as Crime and Justice Lagos can be reflecting the realities of the Nigerian crime system, there’s something satisfying about watching each case get solved. 

  • SP Danlandi Dikko as Derek Morgan

Apart from their matching physique, both men are good at noticing very small details, and knowing how to put them together to see the bigger picture. They can be very calm even in the eye of the storm. Don’t dare think you can get anything past both men.

  • Simi as Penelope Garcia

Simi perfectly reminds us of Penelope Garica, FBI Technical Analyst on the drama series, Criminal Minds. They are both fun, quirky, and super smart tech wizzes. They also brighten their teams with their eccentric character. These two can figure out anything about criminals from their computer screens simply by clanking on their keyboards.

These detectives and their Hollywood counterparts may be fictitious characters but they are our superheroes in suits, guns, and badges and we appreciate how they reflect real life issues in our society.

Get some adrenaline pumping from the investigations and exploits of the SSCU in Crime and Justice Lagos. Binge-watch all six episodes of Crime and Justice Lagos at a go, exclusively on from as low as ₦1,200.


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