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The Stage Is Set For Africa Celebrates 2024

Legendary Gold Limited from Nigeria and Mayalz Events Company from Ethiopia in collaboration with the African Union, Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassies of Nigeria, Burundi, and Cote d’ Ivoire has revealed Africa’s biggest Pan-African event of Arts, Culture, Heritage, Tech & Business – Africa Celebrates 2024, which is in its fourth edition. 

Africa Celebrates main goal and objectives are to celebrate Africa’s unity in diversity by encouraging economic, social, and political integration of Africa through promoting intra-Africa’s rich art, culture, heritage, trade, investment, science, and technology transfers which can be explored as a catalyst for realizing a prosperous Africa.

Also to encourage Africans and the rest of the world to patronize made in Africa by eating African food, wearing African clothes, watching African films, and appreciating African arts, crafts, music, dance, and other African products and services. And to promote intra and inter-African trade, investment, and tourism with the goal of supporting and empowering women and youths in creating wealth.

According to the President/CEO of Legendary Gold Limited and the organiser of the event, Lexy Mojo-Eyes, “Since it’s inauguration in 2021, Africa Celebrates has grown and expanded incredibly. “Each year, it keeps getting bigger and better. At inception in 2021, 18 African countries participated. In 2022, 32 African countries participated. Last year, 38 African countries and 11 countries from out of Africa participated. 

Mojo-Eyes said activities to mark Africa Celebrates 2024 will run for 5 consecutive days. “There will be a business forum, meetings, training, and workshops in different sectors like women, youths, tech, fashion, traditional institutions, diaspora, film, sports & lifestyle. The cultural presentation will include African music, dance, and cuisine. The various components of Africa Celebrates are the official opening ceremony will as usually takes place at the Nelson Mandela Hall of the African Union. It will be characterized by keynote addresses, goodwill messages and high-level panel sessions for the various components of Africa Celebrates. This will set the pace for the conversations that will take place in the preceding days.

“Africa Talks Business and Investment Forum is a business platform that connects African business leaders, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to their counterparts from across the continent and the Diaspora. Taking advantage of Africa’s huge population of over 1.3 billion people and AFCFTA, ATBIF strongly believes Africa’s prosperity lies in it doing business with itself first. This forum is designed to accelerate trade and investment activities in Africa with Africans as the drivers. Attendees are expected to be top public and private sector players.

Mojo-Eyes informed:  “The Pan Africa Women Empowerment Summit organized by Africa for Africa Women in partnership with Legendary Gold Limited will deliver yet another successful Pan African Women Empowerment Summit (PAWES2024) during Africa Celebrates 2024. The summit aims to enhance women leadership whilst promoting entrepreneurship, economic development, and total inclusion of women. 

Africa Fashion Business Summit (AFBS) is a platform that presents the conversation of the business of fashion. It is the melting point for the entire African fashion ecosystem and all its value chains. 

“Diaspora Africa Konnect (DAK) will for the 2nd consecutive year be organized by J4ward Global Limited, a British based African diaspora organization in collaboration with Legendary Gold Limited on the sideline of Africa Celebrates 2024. The event is a platform designed to bring African diaspora globally and African major players in the continent to a common goal of addressing the challenges faced by the diaspora in engaging with Africa. 

Afro Film Alliance (AFA) is the film component of Africa Celebrates. 

“African youths working on climate change and sustainability from all over Africa will converge on the sideline of Africa Celebrates 2024.  Climate change is a topical issue affecting the entire universe. African youths need to act on this issue with the goal of positively impacting their future and that of the continent. The official airline for Africa Celebrates is Ethiopian Airlines. Also, Innovation and Technology Forum will take place for the 2nd consecutive year. Studio 1888 in collaboration with Legendary Gold Limited are ecstatic to announce “Tech Day 24” as part of Africa Celebrates 2024. Tech & Innovation Forum will continue to explore cutting-edge tech advancements and join thought-provoking panel discussions by industry leaders. 

Mojo-Eyes added:  “In recognition of the value sports and lifestyle bring to our individual lives and nation building, Kloudout, Legendary Gold Limited and other partners will be putting together an interesting package of sports and lifestyle on the sidelines of Africa Celebrates 2024. For the first time, there will be a continental forum for African traditional leaders on the sideline of Africa Celebrates 2024. This is a very important step towards fostering unity, collaboration, and development among our royal fathers across Africa with the goal of preserving our rich cultural heritage, customs, values, and traditions.” For participation and more info, kindly log on to


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