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The Weird BBNaija All-Stars Parrot Come Alive Tonight!

When the Big Brother Naija All-Stars house first opened on July 23, the curious eyes of fans picked up on the parrot. It wasn’t just that it seemed out of place; it was also a little weird and didn’t match the decor. So the guessing game began with everyone wondering if it was just a decorative piece or if it held some significance that we had to pay attention to.

Those who guessed that it had some relevance we must pay attention to were correct. A little secret you should know first – the parrot is an all-hearing one, and it will spill all the secrets it’s heard at 9 pm today. It’s about to be pure mayhem, and we are here for it!

For the past two weeks, the parrot has carefully listened to all the drama and gossip in the house, and it is time for the parrot to do what parrots know how to do best, gossip. Big Brother will bring the parrot to life for the first time today, Friday, August 4, at 9 pm, and you best believe the drama is about to go up a notch higher.

Faves will be forgotten, new faves will be born, ships will scatter and be reborn, and as the Gen-Zs say, everyone will collect! If you miss the pure drama this Biggie-sent parrot is about to unleash on the house this evening, we promise you’ll be mad at yourself. So, tune in at 9 pm to the Biggieverse on DStv ch. 198 and GOtv ch. 49, to be in the heart of the showdown.

Then, remember to tune in on Sunday at 7 pm on Africa Magic Urban, Family and Showcase to see how the new house dynamic will affect the game going forward. Big Brother is ready to make the all-stars work hard for their N120 million cash prize. Their stress is the viewer’s blessing. Remember, you can catch the show on the go on DStv Stream and Showmax.

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