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These Six Valentine Inspired Movies On Showmax Are A Must-Watch

Happy Valentine’s!

Bring the candles, pour the wine, and set the mood for you and yours. Whether it’s your romantic partner, best friend, or team mate, V day is the perfect time to act mushy and super sweet to the people you love.

And no matter what you are up to, Showmax has something to help set the right mood. We’ve compiled the sweetest, aww-inspiring rom-coms just for you and yours. 

Check them out!

  • Moonshot

Science fiction meets Love.

Being the assistant to a robot barista may have its perks, but when your application to go to a terraformed Mars gets rejected 37 times, you start to lose hope. 

Not so for college student Walt, an eternal optimist whose mission to get to the Red Planet kicks into overdrive when his new love decides to become a full-fledged Martian. He joins forces with a smart friend, Sophie, in a bid to make both of their dreams come true.

This sweet sci-fi rom-com unfolds in a world influenced by an Elon Musk type where space travel and interplanetary life is normal. 

  • About Time

Love is messy – so naturally there are moments we wish we could go back and change. 

A family secret transforms Tim’s ordinary life with the power of the do-over. Zipping back in time to craft the perfect romance, the young man makes it his life’s mission to win Mary’s heart over and over again. 

At first a lark, Tim’s time-hopping ability proves to be much more difficult than anticipated as the real consequences of a life lived many times over come into play.

  • Passengers

James Cameron’s film, Titanic, gave us a taste of what it was like to be aboard an unsinkable 52,000-tonne hotel as a windswept romance played out against pure opulence and looming disaster. 

In a similar vein comes Passengers, a futuristic sci-fi romance thriller about an unexpected relationship on a 5,000-person transporter taking a 120-year voyage to Homestead II.

Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, an ‘engineer’ and ‘aspiring writer’ discover they’ve got 90 years of space travel ahead of them with keys to the floating “hotel”. As Jim and Aurora’s missions align, so do their affections as the two come to terms with their early awakening and doomed romance.

  • Long weekend

When we meet the boy or girl of our dreams, the promise of requited love can often seem like a mirage. This is the case in Long Weekend, a romance comedy drama about an unexpected relationship between a struggling writer and an enigmatic woman. Down on his luck, Bart falls for the free-spirited Vienna, who seems too good to be true.

Long Weekend stars Finn Wittrock and Zoe Chao as star-crossed lovers whose whirlwind romance flits too close to the uncomfortable truth.

  • Together Together

The word ‘conceivable’ takes on a greater meaning in the context of a relationship involving a surrogate pregnancy. 

In Together Together, a delightful indie romance comedy, sparks fly when a single parent-to-be forms an unexpected friendship with his child’s surrogate mother. At first, dealing with the boundaries of what constitutes fair access in such a professional arrangement, things progress when Anna and Matt’s odd-couple dynamic makes way for a deeper connection.

Before We Go

Two strangers stuck in Manhattan for the night grow into each other’s most trusted confidants when an evening of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.

Before we go is a slow-moving, talky romance about a musician and a married woman who accidentally meet one night in New York City and their lives become intertwined.


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