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“They Didn’t Tell You About The Part Where They Gang Beat Me” — Eniola Badmus’ Defamer

A Nigerian Tiktoker named Ego, who was convicted for defaming veteran Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus, claims she was gang beaten while in custody.

She alerted her followers on social media that she still had some undisclosed information regarding her arrest.

Ego claimed that she was attacked and gang beaten by Badmus’ counterparts after her arrest, noting that the information was not put out there.

She said, “There’s something I feel like I did not tell you, people, I feel like they didn’t tell you, the part where they granted interview, they didn’t tell you about the part where they gang beat me. They did not say that one.”

She claimed about six people beat her for her offense. According to her, she still sports marks all over her body, as a result of the attack.

In her words, “I haven’t said anything yet, They did not tell you that they gang beat me to the point that I could no longer tell the number of people that laid hands on me,

“I feel like it was more than six people. I feel like that beating was too terrible, too brutal that my beauty left me and ran away, till now, more than one week after I’m still trying to recover my beauty. I have too many marks on my body.”

She noted that she was beaten more than she had ever been beaten by anyone in her life, calling the treatment inhumane.

Ego was arrested by the actress for defamation after she went viral for claiming Badmus was a pimp, who connected young women to powerful older men.

Her video raked up a lot of attention and collective views, so much so that Badmus’ team claimed that significant damage was done to her reputation, costing her brand deals and endorsements.

After her arrest, Justice Nicholas Oweibo of the Federal high court Lagos convicted Ego on two counts of cyberstalking on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

After she pled guilty to the charges, she was sentenced to three years in prison for cyberstalking, with the option of paying a fine of ₦‎150,000; which she paid.

Shortly after the verdict was passed, the actress herself issued an explainer via her twitter addressing the issue and reminding the public that celebrities are human too.


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