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Tinubu Says Nigeria Ready To Provide Essential Supports To Libya Over Flood

The President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said on Wednesday, that his government is ready to provide all essential support to the Libyan people hit by the devastating floods that followed the Mediterranean storm Daniel on Sunday.

In a statement signed by the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, on Wednesday, reads: “Nigeria is ready to provide all necessary support to assist the Libyan people in overcoming this harrowing tragedy,”

The statement is titled ‘President Tinubu condoles with Libya over Storm Daniel and resulting floods.’

So far, at least 5,300 bodies have been recovered in the eastern port city of Derna, the worst-hit location where over 34,000 people were displaced.

Experts say the staggering death and devastation inflicted by storm Daniel speaks not only to its intensity but also to the vulnerability of the North African state battered by over a decade of infighting, which weakened critical infrastructure.

Derna was severely affected by the bursting of two dams whose maintenance history has been questioned since the disaster.

External help from Turkey, Egypt and Italy had only reached Derna on Tuesday and Wednesday, about 48 hours after the disaster struck.

This is as more international emergency teams and humanitarian aid organisations are expected in the coming hours.

Tinubu extended his profound condolences to the government and people of Libya in the aftermath of the flooding.

He commiserated with all families who have lost loved ones in what he described as a “monumental disaster.”

He sent his best wishes for a speedy recovery to all injured during the tragic incident.


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