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Top Moments From Off-Air Season 2 So Far: All The Moments That Had Us At The Edge of Our Seats

If you asked us to describe the second season of Off-Air with Gbemi and Toolz in two words, it would be sizzling and table-shaking.

Trust the infamous duo, Gbemi and Toolz, to bring premium gist and the most unfiltered guests you would find on this side of the country. The last six episodes have been no-holds-barred, with the ladies delivering the content we signed up for from the first episode to the latest.

With the gbas gbos that have been swinging on the show, we can’t help but list out some of the hottest moments from the show so far:

  • Nedu’s men cheat more than women comment:

We all know how controversial Nedu is, right? The OAP has given us enough controversial mentions to have social media talking for days. Then imagine him with the ladies, Gbemi and Toolz, talking about infidelity.

In the second episode of the talk show, the OAP shared how he believes cheating is a part of the male gender’s DNA. While he admitted that everyone cheats, he shared that men are more likely to share their physical affection with other people apart from their partners.

  • “There are no top 3. We created the category in our head”:

If there is one thing Nigerians do not play with, it’s Afrobeats and the infamous Kings of the genre, namely Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy. That said, we thought we were all on the same page about these top acts until music enthusiast, Joey Akan, chose to shake the table.

According to the Afrobeats specialist, there are no top three in the genre and believes the tag was created by Nigerians, creating unhealthy competition. He also shared that there are so many top Nigerian artists breaking many records to box everyone into the “top three kings”.

Well… if that’s not table-shaking enough, we don’t know what is.

  • “Nigerian men, give your women oral sex”:

Every year, Gbemi and Toolz host a sex episode on their Vodcast, Off-Air, that always leaves listeners a little scandalised, educated, and excited, and this new season was no different.

In their usual fashion, the ladies invited two guests, Soul Spice and Halima Mason, to discuss sexual fetishes and kinks in the fourth episode, where Halima shared how important it is for Nigerian men to give their women oral sex. Did someone say it’s getting hot in here?

The sex therapists also shared how important it is for people to explore their sexual fetishes and kinks, as they are not taboo, even though our society considers them so.

  • Millennial vs Gen Z argument:

If you missed the fifth episode of Off-Air with Gbemi and Toolz, we can tell you for free that you missed a super HOT battle between the guests, Millennial Noble Igwe and Gen-Z, Samm Dandy.

The two men gave us a ‘gbas gbos’ episode where they kept throwing shades, and stray bullets and giving hot takes on their perception of the other generation, woke culture, work ethics and cheating.

With how Noble Igwe and Samm Dandy battled it out on the set of Off-Air, one would think the two men had previous beef, and we honestly can’t tell who won the war. So, therefore, the battle continues.

  • What happens at the strip club, stays at the strip club. Or not:

“Don’t kiss and tell”, says who?

Well… the ladies had a swell time gisting about some of the ‘nutty’ things that go down at strip clubs with their guest, dancer Kiki, who has worked as a dancer at one of these clubs in South Africa.

If you watched it, then you are caught up on the gist of the grinding, eye contact and who spends more at these clubs. Definitely not your favourite celebs according to Kiki.

Wahala! Wahala! Wahala!!! Speaking of trouble, who comes to your mind when you hear that infamous saying? Yup! You got it right. Our infamous Portable and his shenanigans at the British Fashion Awards the previous week also gave some hilarious moments during the OAPs hot tea shade session.

With all the hot moments so far, it’s only wrong if you missed the seventh episode of the show airing on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv ch. 151 and GOtv ch. 12).


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