Trending: Pant Hijackers Storm Restaurant To Request For Female Underwear In Ijebu Ode


The activities of pant hijackers are desperately getting out of hands. It was reported yesterday by a twitter user that pant hijackers in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state stormed a restaurant to request for female underwear.

It was further reported that, ladies who didn’t wear undies were given new underwear to put on for five minutes and were collected afterwards.

A Twitter user with the handle @Omotayo_Visuals took to Twitter to reveal the incident. She wrote.

“Some boys went to an eatery at ijebu ode Ogun state and collected all the pant of the ladies there no killing or robbery they just went there for the pants, those that didn’t wear pant were given pant to wear for five (5) minute.”

So long we fail to blacklist the Yahoo boys as criminals and keep encouraging the scourge, the sacrificial lambs would mostly be from the same admirers. Ritualists are worst than armed robbers, they robb you of your entire future, they either cause dealth or barrenness..— #Vote4Integrity2019 (@drjollyseg) January 11, 2019

I live in Ijebu-Ode and I can assure you, it happened, in fact, my mom was in that restaurant in the afternoon before the robbery occurred in the evening. It occurred on the 1st of January— IYINOLUWA (@Jahspraiz) January 11, 2019

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