Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Visits Nigeria

Twitter Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey, arrived in Nigeria yesterday as part of his listening and learning tour across Africa.

This follows his announcement in October where he said he will be in Africa for the whole of November, visiting four African countries including Nigeria and Ghana in West Africa, Ethiopia in East Africa and South Africa.


He is expected to meet with leaders in the local technology and business world, in his words- “entrepreneurs”- however, the reason for this meeting is not yet known.

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He tweeted that he was grateful to be in the country and pictures of him having dinner with some “twitter influencers” were seen on twitter.

This will not be the first known developer to be in Nigeria, three years, there was a similar visit to Nigeria by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. After jogging through the streets of Lagos and meeting with developers, he traveled to Abuja where he met with President Buhari at the presidency.


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