US Election: Electoral College To Confirm Winner On Monday

US Election: Electoral College To Confirm Winner On Monday

The United States Electoral College which comprises of  538 members will convene today, Monday December 14, 2020 to cast their final votes on behalf of the 50 states and the District of Columbia to choose the next president, formally confirming Deocratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden as president-elect.

Mr Biden is expected to claim 306 votes to President Donald Trump’s 232 in accordance with last month’s election results, bringing the country closer to ending a nightmarish post-election period in which Mr Trump has doggedly contested his landslide defeat through a series of frivolous lawsuits, which have so far comprehensively failed to substantiate his baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

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Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, the president insisted the matter was “not over” and expressed concern about the nation being led by an “illegitimate” successor before attacking the US Supreme Court on Twitter for “chickening out” rather than supporting his challenge.

Source: Independence

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