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Victony Says He’s Single And He’s Looking For A ‘Slim Thick Woman’

Nigerian singer Victony has opened up about his ideal woman and the attributes he looks for in a woman.

In a recent interview with Bibii Raii on the latest episode of the Morning Rush Show, the singer was asked if he was in a relationship and his spec.

In response, he said, “I’m single, it just has to happen naturally.”

Bibii Raii asked, “What’s your spec? Do you like them tall, short, do you like them thick? Do you like them slim?”

Victony laughed before responding, stating that he was unsure if he had any preferences when it came to women.

He then highlighted slender women with curvy features, commonly known as ‘slim thick’ women.

He said, “Slim thick, but thinking about it right now I don’t have a spec. If I think about it correctly I don’t think I have one. But slim thick, and she has to be beautiful.”

Bibii Rai then asked, “Now let’s get into the mental aspect of it, what does Victony like his women to be like?”

“I like a boss lady who has her own thing going on, independent and strong,” the singer responded with a wide smile.

“And she should also be able to handle the lifestyle of a superstar?” Bibi Raii asked.

“Yeah,” Victony responded.

The singer spoke about his new music and his collaborations with Saint JHN, as well as the core moment when he met singer Billie Eilish at the Golden Globes.

See Victony’s full interview:


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