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We Need to Redefine the Purpose of Marriage  – ID Cabasa

Veteran Nigerian record producer ID Cabasa, known for his work with several top artists, has expressed his belief that the true meaning of marriage has been lost in today’s society. 

According to Cabasa, many people mistakenly believe that the goal of marriage is personal happiness or emotional fulfillment. 

He shared these views during a recent interview with Echoo Room.

He said, “The purpose of marriage, unfortunately, has been lost. I would say that the purpose was not to give you happiness or satisfy your feelings.

“Happiness and every other thing is supposed to come as a benefit to you standing with that purpose. If you follow that purpose where God is the head and he says that the man should be the head of the family which means that the man reports to God, then the woman submits to the man not surrender.

“In fact, there’s a condition to that submit, ‘As unto the Lord,’ which is to say as long as the man is still under God’s umbrella.

“So when the man leaves God’s umbrella, sincerely, the woman is void. You can’t hold her responsible for not submitting.

“Submission is where the problem is. Ladies nowadays look at submission as surrender. It’s not surrender.”

The veteran producer claimed that men have been reduced from God’s original plan into something else, especially in the western world.

“The way I see them in America and in western world, let me tell you the order of things, there’s children, women, animals, then men. In fact, plants before men.

“What we [men] have been turned to now is to be silent, to keep looking. We are raising men that are dying in pain. So men are dying early,” he said.


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