“We Suspect Foul Play In Averted Plane Crash” — Gov. Adeleke’s Spokesperson

The spokesperson to Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, has strongly claimed that there is a suspected action believed to be the cause of averted airplane crash that the Governor survived.
The Spokesperson also indicated that the two aircraft engines were tampered with before boarding.
Rasheed made this known in a statement signed and issued by him on the incident on Sunday.

Reacting to news reports on the incident, he said the highly technically equipped aircraft was well maintained with the best technical crew and was never an unused platform where birds could build nests.

According to him, contrary to the claim by the hanger owner that birds’ nests caused the incident, “birds’ nests are made with straws not binding wires as in this case”.

The Spokesperson revealed that the near fatal incident was averted shortly after boarding and less than two minutes after the commencement of taxing on the tarmac.

He said an early warning noise from the engines immediately prompted the pilots to direct the evacuation of the passengers.

He said: “Everything happened within five minutes.

“Early reports from the internal investigation indicated sabotage.

“But the authorities, locally and internationally, are still investigating the incident.

“We however want to assure the public that Governor Adeleke and his aides are safe and there was no injury or any outward explosion on the plane.

“The Governor expressed his deep appreciation to well wishers and supporters who have been calling since the report of the incident.
“Mr. Governor is hale and hearty.”


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