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What Happened Between Us And Rotimi Ajanaku – Moahz Oil & Gas Ltd Explains

Moahz Oil & Gas Ltd has explained why Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku disclaimed a commendation credited to him about the company saying his action was  because the company did not accede to “his enslaving demands”.

The company in a statement made available to journalists in Ibadan, Oyo state capital on Friday, said Rotimi Ajanaku and his company came up with libelous publications to avoid their overdue financial obligations to Moahz Oil and Gas.

The statement with the title “Re: Ajanaku Rotimi Disclaims a published Statement dated 13th April, 2021 Credited To Him on commendation of Moahz Oil & Gas Limited” also explained in details the business transaction between Rotimi Ajanaku’s company and Moahz Oil and Gas. 

The statement read in full: “The attention of the management of Moahz Oil & Gas Limited has been drawn to a libelous publication by Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku in both the traditional and social media platforms purportedly disclaiming a Statement credited to him commending the exceptional services delivery of the company few months ago.

“Ordinarily, Moahz Oil & Gas Limited would not have joined issues with authors of the publication not only because the said disclaimed commendation was unsolicited and it is within the right of the maker to retract same but also because of the respect the company hitherto had for the maker.

“However, the publication didn’t stop at the disclaimer but it went further to make some false and disparaging allegations apparently meant to tarnish the hard-earned reputation/integrity which the company has built over the years. 

“It is inconceivable that a person of Rotimi Ajanaku’s stature would in July, 2021 disclaim a statement he published on his personal social) media handles almost four months ago claiming that the said statement was not authored by him or with his knowledge without naming the culprits behind such publication.

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“It is not our intention to join issues with Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku who is still our Client as doing so could end up exposing the real personality behind the façade of the wealthy philanthropist that he protects himself to be. Therefore, while clearing misconceptions, efforts will be made to avoid exposing unnecessary details about the author of the libelous publication.

“Business dealings with Duxoil Ltd Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku’s company, Duxoil Ltd entered into contract with our Company for the Construction of about 4 Gas plant two of which have been fully completed and delivered and trading has commenced in one of the completed plants while two others are at differam paz construction. 

“Due to the satisfactory delivery of our Company on the completed projects, Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku issued unsolicited commendations on his social media handles praising the expertise of our Company which he is now making futile efforts to disclaim. Despite his failure to pay our Company the balance of the contract sum in respect of the completed gas plants, Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku has been making demands which involve the company making huge financial commitments beyond the terms of the contract between the parties and the management of the company has continued to accede to such unreasonable demands in the hope of maintaining the relationship.

“Ajanaku’s unjustifiable financial demands on the Company remained unceasing and it then dawned on us that, Duxoil Ltd or its owner is cleverly in a scheme aimed at avoiding the offsetting of its indebtedness to our company which currently stands at over 50 Million Naira using various devices. In other words, Rotimi Ajanaku has been blackmailing our Company and its management who continued to manage their relationship with him for the fear of losing what they wrongly perceive to be a valued customer.

“When the demands were becoming intolerable, the management wrote to Duxoil Ltd requesting for a meeting in which financial experts could be brought in to make conclusive determination of what is due to each of the parties, but Duxoil Ltd and its owner vehemently objected rather it insisted that Moahz Oil and Gas Limited should meet some unreasonable financial demands within an unrealistic timeline.

“Our company then engaged a financial consultant whose reports showed that Duxoil Limited is presently owing us over Fifty Million Naira which. The company therefore wrote a letter dated Friday, 9th July 2021 to Duxoil Limited demanding an immediate liquidation of Duxoil’s indebtedness to our Company within 7 days. Rotimi Ajanaku immediately replied to our Managing Director with a terse message on WhatsApp which read: ‘we should meet in court.”

“But knowing fully well that it has no legally enforceable claims against us, he resorted to the present blackmail starting with this libelous publication with the hope of forcing us to accede to his enslaving demands.

“Rather than pay up their indebtedness to our Company, Rotimi Ajanaku and his company have come up with the libelous publications scandalizing our company in a bid to avoid their overdue, financial obligation to our Company.

“We have already instructed our teams of lawyers to institute a Court action against Duxoil Limited, Rotimi Ajanaku and anyone involved in the said defamatory publication.

“We are assuring our current and prospective customers/clients, investors and other business partners that the people behind this will surely face the wrath of the law as we will do whatever is legally permissible to protect our integrity. Since the coming into operation of our Company, we have successfully constructed several Gas Plants for numerous Clients all over the country without any complaint from any of them and they all continue to recommend our services to others. Therefore, we would not sit back and watch any unscrupulous person package tissues of malicious lies to destroy our hard-earned reputation.

“Thank You.”

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Raji Adebayo, Ibadan

Editor, South-West, Lagos Post Online Email: raji_adebayong@yahoo.com M: 08034094059

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