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Why I’m Still Single -Don Jazzy

Don JazzyTo many men, lack of money is the major reason why they are still single till today. Because getting married in this part of the world is very expensive if you will agree with me. The lack of money has made many matured men out there to remain single and what they tell the young ladies out there is am not ready yet and only God knows when they would be ready.
For Marvin Records boss lack of money is not the issue probably lack of who to trust is the issue here. This has made him to remain single till today.
One of the finest music producer Don Jazzy shares the secret of his been single on his Instogram page recently.


In his words; “Loving someone who doesn’t love you is like waiting for a ship at the airport.”

I guess he’s love with a babe who doesn’t even care to look at his face or maybe he’s day dreaming just like one of his posts suggests he is.


“So you mean @Rihanna’s ship will not pass this airport wey I dey?

Well, tell him that RiRi is not interested too, though everything is possible.

Try your luck man.

All the best!


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