Why Nigerians In Diaspora Should Stop Nursing The Fear Of Buying A Property Back In Nigeria 

If there’s anything that scares Nigerians in diaspora more, it is buying properties back home in Nigeria. Why? Many Nigerians in the diaspora have a lot to say about their awful experiences dealing with people when it comes to buying properties.

Some have made an unflinching decision never to attempt buying properties here anymore.

Can anyone blame them? No! It’s depressing having worked so hard in a foreign land just to make ends meet and go back home full-handed but falling into the hands of humans who feel Nigerians in the diaspora have more money to waste.

However, despite these issues of property scams Nigerians in the diaspora have gone through, there are quite several Nigerians in the diaspora buying and investing in properties without any issue. 

When you go to places like Lekki, Ibeju-Lekki, VGC, etc, you would find a whole lot of properties with the owner not available because he/she is abroad.

What changed? Let’s see…

In Nigeria today, the real estate market and Investment companies have changed drastically. If you are still doing individual property purchases, then, you don’t like yourself.

Take your phone and browse through how Nigeria is taking charge of the real estate sector and you will see that old things have passed away, we are in the new age where buying and selling of properties have become safer and easy for all and sundry, most especially, Nigerians in the diaspora because they are not available physically.

If you live abroad and you want to buy a property, all you need to do is to contact a property company to help you run through it. And that property company will handle it for you in such a way that your absence doesn’t create a vacuum.

But, please note, don’t go for just any random company. Whatever has an advantage, also has its disadvantages. Be patient, ask questions, and do a thorough investigation before putting your money in any property investment company.

And if you get a genuine real estate company, you can rest assured that the company will make you forget any struggles you must have had in the past concerning property Investment in Nigeria.

Also, about documentation, the real estate sector has made life easy. You don’t have to be available to do this. All can be done here and if there’s the need for a signature, we get it across, thanks to the digital world we are in now. 

When you buy a property now, especially, land, you don’t have to develop palpitations over it as long as it is bought through a registered investment company.

Unlike buying from an individual which you can’t leave unattended to because it could be taken over by another. You don’t have to be scared of that. Your land is safe and secure till you are ready to develop it.

So, dear Nigerians in the diaspora, buying properties back home is not what it used to be. Everything has changed. Please do away with the mentality that Nigeria is not a safe place to buy properties and that everyone is a scam. 

Nigeria has gone through a new world order in the property sector. Nigerians in the diaspora will sing a new song. 

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