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Wizkid Launches New Album ‘Morayo’ 

Grammy-winning artist Wizkid recently gave an exclusive interview to Esquire UK while preparing to attend his first Louis Vuitton runway show at Paris Fashion Week. 

The Nigerian music sensation discussed his upcoming album and his relationship with Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director, Pharrell Williams. 

Known for hits like “Essence” and “Ginger,” Wizkid revealed that his new album is named “Morayo” after his mother.

“It’s very important for people to know where the source of my magic comes from. I’m African, I’m Nigerian; that’s my blood, that’s my DNA,” he explained. The album title, ‘Morayo’, is a Yoruba word meaning “I see joy.”

The artist described the unreleased record as “very, very personal,” adding, “I hope it lifts spirits and spreads positive energy.”

When asked about collaborations, the artiste offered a philosophical response, “We’re meant to collaborate – that’s the essence of humans. We’re here to work together.”

Parallels were drawn between Wizkid and Pharrell Williams, including their positive outlooks and family-oriented nature. Wizkid, a father himself, stated, “I’m trying to raise champions. I instil that into their minds that God has put them here on purpose.”

For the Louis Vuitton show, Wizkid was sported a fresh look from the pre-SS25 collection, featuring a V-neck Fair Isle jumper, tailored shorts, and a shirt. He personalised the outfit by swapping the lookbook’s collegiate tie for an ivory one and opting for white sneakers instead of loafers.


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