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Woman Jilts Husband After Sponsoring Her Nursing Education In UK

…Says She Is No Longer In Love With Him Again

 A Nigerian lawyer has narrated how a lady told her husband that she’s no longer in love with him again after he sponsored her nursing education in the U.K.

According to @BolanleCole, the lady said she doesn’t want to be in a marriage where there is no love even though her husband catered for her needs and that of her family.

“Am No Longer in Love. Nigerian Woman Laments, Loses Interest in Husband after He Sponsored Her to the UK.

The lady said she can’t explain why she doesn’t love her husband anymore but would not want to remain in a marriage where there is no love. She appealed to people to advise her on what to do.

“The woman said it was her husband who told her to study nursing in Nigeria and partly sponsored her studies. The nurse added that he also catered for her needs and that of her family and was responsible for doing her travel documents. Things are happening,” he tweeted.


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