World Bank Expresses Readiness to Partner With LAWMA


World Bank has expressed its readiness to partner with Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) in executing projects that will lead to cleaner and healthier environment in the state.


Speaking during a recent visit to LAWMA, the leader of the World Bank team, Mr. Joseph Akpokodje said the purpose of their visit was to discuss ways of combating some of the environmental challenges facing Lagos State, especially as it concerns waste management and air pollution.


“We are here talking to you because you manage waste in Lagos. Methane is a greenhouse gas that we want to address as part of the program”,
he said.


He further stated that part of the objectives for their visit was to kick-start the South-south cooperation, which involves collaboration
between Nigeria and other concerned countries on means of mitigating prevalent environmental challenges.


Earlier in his welcome address, the General Manager of LAWMA, Mr. Olusegun Adeniji commended the World Bank team for their visit. He briefed them on the new Cleaner Lagos Initiative embarked upon by the State Government which is aimed at making more effective waste management in the state.


The LAWMA boss further stated that the Authority under the CLI has been repositioned to assume a full regulatory role, which entails implementing and enforcing policies that engender a cleaner and healthier environment for all residents in the state.

The team later toured Olusosun dumpsite to have a firsthand experience of the process of waste dumping on the site.



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