Worst And Best Time To Buy Property

Success in real estate investment requires that several factors are regularly checked and acted upon. Actually, the real estate sub sector being a salient driver of the economy is sensitive to the behaviour of the economy. It is of interest to know that economic conditions such as changes in prices of goods and services have a corresponding effect on the real estate market. Nevertheless, relying solely on the condition of the economy isn’t a wise decision as a mistaken action could lead to consequences that may be dire. In practice, the real estate industry thrives despite the direction of the economy and this begs the question: “when is the right time to start an investment in real estate?”

As a business-minded individual, you need to be prepared for such ‘right moment,’ and before one prepares he has to know of them. The following are such indicators.

The Seller’s Market Factor

This happens when properties are few, accompanied by huge demands for them. During this period the buyer has no much influence on the rental fee, as his choice of property is limited. The result is an increase in real estate prices. 

One reason behind a seller’s market is the lack of properties in the concerned environment. A type of property could be in low quantity, thereby scaling up the price of this kind of real estate. This could be noticeable where there are few office apartments at a particular location. There, it’s just natural for rental prices of commercial properties to increase.

The Seller’s market benefits investors with standing properties, and the scramble to get better in this period leads to stiff competition among the industry sellers. Although a competitive period for investment in real estates, if metrics indicate a continued appreciation for about six months to a year, this could be the moment to commit your money into it. Real estate investors who consider buying into this period, do this with other considerations examined.

The Buyer’s Market

The reverse of the seller’s market, the buyer’s market is a period by which there are numerous properties accompanied by low demand for them. This factor might not be general in its effect on the entire real estate market, but could also influence a certain kind or type of property. For example, the low demand for office apartments during the heat of the coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in unoccupied properties especially in cities and large towns. Vacated spaces then left owners of these properties with no choice but to reduce their valuation, and by that act of attracting sales, the extent of losses was reduced. 

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Considered as the best time for investment, these market periods aren’t common and would usually last a period of a month or few months. During a buyer’s market, not all parts of the market are influenced the same way. Gainful opportunities may abound more within the commercial estate market than within its residential counterparts, and an investor needs to watch out for occurrences like this and act on them. 

A Balanced Market

A balanced market is a term used in real estate marketing to describe a condition where the demand of properties equals the supply. This period is characterized by stable prices of houses and an understandable level of competition. Properties are available to choose from, and its sale is easy.

It is that period where investors could comfortably initiate purchases as they are sold at their standard expected prices. Access to finances like mortgages during this period is convenient, and competition is at normal.

Real estate investment gets favoured during a balanced market condition, inasmuch as supplies would always get even with the demands.

Indication From Housing Starts

One of the indices of judgement used by real estate analysts in determining trends in the industry is housing starts. The number of new structures indicates how the real estate market at a particular location is presently and would be in the future. An increased count of housing starts could signify conditions favouring investment. Such conditions could be the citing of industries or social infrastructures, and these require the development of several kinds of nearby real estates.

Additionally, the features from housing starts, like the kind of structures to be raised give clues of the direction of the economy. If there are increases in residential housing starts, sound judgement demands an investor commits his money to other kinds of real estate like residential housing.

When There’s Capital To Spare

Real estate investment is one that demands lots of financial assets, with little to no returns in the short run. It is a long-term and lucrative investment although with the need for a one-off input of huge sums of money. As such, regardless of other factors, having ready working capital is an important factor when considering the time to make the investment.

Even the least of a real estate investment such as fix-and-flip would demand quite a good sum. The residential building, which is considered to be of less cost than commercial properties, definitely would require enough financial input notwithstanding any buying strategy engaged. Therefore, be sure there are spare funds ahead of any investment in real estate of any kind even when other factors encourage such. Invariably, failing to commit a spare fund in real estate leads to regrets in consequence of loss of periodic turnovers that would have been expected if the reverse was the case.

When There’s A Ready Property Sited In A Good Location

Location is an important factor in real estate investment. This factor influences the value of the property at present, or in the future, as the case may be. 

The availability of a property with proximity to good road networks, or one located in the hub of various developments should interest any real estate investor. If that doesn’t, one available in a location around other used properties should.

The security of the neighborhood of property influences the value of the said property as well. The appearance of the vicinity also adds or downgrades the value of real estate. The availability of real estate in a good location definitely signals a paying investment on a wait.

In conclusion, the right factors wouldn’t align for a perfect time for an investment in real estate. The business of real estate demands time and dedication, hence, if you have working capital and a passion for it, the time for investment is the present!

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