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YES Movement Set To Educates Electorates


Leading Nigerians both home and abroad have resolved to support the YES Nigeria Movement an organisation with a mandate for producing and building potential leaders capable of leading Nigeria to a greater height and building on her valued global brand around the world.  

This was pointed out that during a press dialogue, titled “Nigeria’s Electorates Solidarity Orientation,” in which Chief. Ed Patrick explained that YES was not yet a political party but a movement and network of credible and professional people wholly and fully committed to make positive and progressive differences in nation’s building thereby making Nigeria a greater country.

“Our main interest is to find and support credible electorates within existing political parties or in the coming ones with an objective to mobilise Nigerian electorates through a thorough solidarity to hold government at all levels on good governance delivery, accountable and with total respect to all electorates and citizens on equality and fairness paths”, said Chief Patrick.

Of late the issues have been on the coming opposition’s convention or the potentials names of those standing in the coming 2019 elections. “What is the Nigerian people doing towards 2019? What are they doing with all the calls by former leaders, elders, Presidents and Top government’s executives about the need of youths and new breed of potential electable personalities to join politics?”, asked Mr. Aminu Sule, a social and human resources executive and commentator.

The top entrepreneur opined that in local government level, the chairmen are not accountable to the electorates as they are mostly single-handed appointment by the governors and in states, governors controlled the resources as they fits deem and at the national level presently are too many non-performing executives.

The other members of the YES Nigeria Movement therefore in agreement called on the government to implement the policies that will reduce the hardship faced in the country and remedy the challenges within the economic environment especially by SMEs who are seen as the engine of any developing and emerging market and country.

The YES Nigeria also prayed and urged the NGOs, civil society and media to educate the electorates more in the demand of their voting rights, put in power credible candidates from primaries all the way to an elective positions as in a normal democracy, it is the electorate that holds the power and not the elected.

The movement started off as a mass youth empowerment and orientation movement mentoring and sharing political ideologies as well as policies with thousands across the country. The movement currently has more than 15 branches and is growing daily since it emergence and approval. Having been recognised and approved in Nigeria, the YES Nigeria now intends to amalgamate and in solidarity with all the youth campaigns and organisations in the country towards a united nation building for the betterment of all Nigerians and creating an impact of the gains of democracy to the electorates.

A founding member Mr. Fola Babatunde, the Estate developer and Deputy Corp Mentoring Commandant of NID Mentoring Corp, expressed delight at the movement’s strategic work and presence in the country and added that it is now time to take things to the next level. He added that the next phase of the movement and campaign is to be presence in all the 36 states and 774 local governments of Nigeria and then build it into a nation-wide organisation.

Mr. Babatunde said: “Unlike all the existing organisations or parties in Nigeria, the YES NIGERIA Movement is a youth, women and elderly oriented group borne out of the yearnings and aspirations of diverse Nigerians especially among the young ones. We are genuine nationalists whose membership cuts across all religions and ethnic nationalities and all we want is a better and greater Nigeria for our people, children, grand children and generations to come”.

“Now that we have been recognised and approved, we will expand out, merge with other movements who share our views, or form strategic relationships as well as extend our tentacles to every nook and cranny of Nigeria. We are now in the evolution times and this is the time for young people or those not normally exercising their voting and political mandate as has been epitomised by Austria electing a 31 year old chancellor, Canada a 40 year old prime minister, New Zealand’s 37-year old as prime minister and of course the Macron effects in France to do so. Neither are we forgetting where elders above such ages are in office making tremendous progresses”

Another member of the movement, an environmentalist, Dr. Mary Manzo said Nigeria presently in terms of political paths is having so many intrigues and the right time all electorates arises to say YES to a better Nigeria. “YES to a greater nation, YES to creating jobs for our youths, YES to supporting our elders have descent living standard, YES to basic education and healthcare services and most importantly YES to a country that treats its citizens equally. YES, we can”.

Several credible Nigerians from all works lives in entertainments, sports, media, politics, business, academia, trade unions, civil societies amongst


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