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Young Duu Blows Hot, Curses Ex-Boss Portable (Video)

Nigerian street pop singer, Young Duu, in a viral video hits back at his ex-boss, Portable, by referring to him as a foolish person for fighting his new promoter at a bar.

In the video, Young Duu accused his former boss Portable of threatening his life and further disclosed how he was beaten on the street by individuals who identified him as Portable’s boy.

He went on to state that while he was under the label, Portable had made an unsuccessful attempt to involve him in a ritual.

He advised Portable to leave him alone and focus on his own first son, given that he himself is already a father.

He said, “He tried to use me for a ritual, but I was saved and ended up in the hospital. He was angry that I didn’t die. May things not get better for you.

“You’re an unfortunate person. We used to smoke together in the street, yet I called you brother. You’ll never find fortune.”

Watch video below:


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