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Young Nigerians Inspired By Hilda Baci At A Conference Held In Lagos

Guinness world record holder, Hilda Baci has inspired young Nigerians at the 3rd Nigerian conference on adolescent and youth health development.

The conference, held in Lagos on August 17 was put together by The Society for Adolescent and Young Person Health in Nigeria (SAYPHIN).

The event brought together experts, advocates, and thought leaders to address critical issues surrounding adolescent and youth health.

Themed ‘‘Achieving 2030 Targets: Driving Innovation for Adolescents and Youth Health,” the conference focused on adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights and other issues relating to development.

Experts also proffered interventions, and solutions to address adolescent and youth health challenges.

Youth empowerment advocate, Hilda Baci, one of the speakers at the conference shared insights, and strategies to promote the well-being and empowerment of young individuals. She reiterated the importance of good health as a cursor to building a great life.

‘‘ The journey to success begins with having good health and maintaining well being. This is a very critical factor to being confident. It enables you to further understand your essence as a person.

“As we celebrate youths across the world, i encourage every young person to take their health as a responsibility and join the cause to promoting good health as individuals and groups to do better in various aspects of life,’’ Hilda Baci said.

Hilda Baci showcases what one can accomplish through perseverance, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to a cause.

Her journey to being a Guinness World Record holder is a testament to the impact the youths can make when they channel their energies toward making a difference.


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