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“You’ve Hacked The Ageless Code And Selfish With The Secret” — Jim Iyke Teases Kate Henshaw

Nollywood veteran actor, Jim Iyke jokingly revealed his plan to write a petition against a female colleague, Kate Henshaw, for keeping the secret behind her young looks to herself.

Jim Iyke, Kate Henshaw, and Chidi Mokeme recently linked up and Jim was wondering how Kate still looks so young and active.

The thespians attended an interview at Glitch Africa studios, completely unaware that they would be reuniting with one another.

The warm welcome was recorded by the staff at the centre and Iyke excitedly uploaded the video to his official Instagram page.

In his caption, he joked about Henshaw’s youthful look saying, “Thinking about starting a ‘give us a wrinkle’ petition against @katehenshaw. Sis has hacked the ‘ageless code’ and is keeping the damn secrets to her selfish ass.”

Jim Iyke expressed his happiness and made it known that he’d love to reunite another time.

He said, “Had the time of my life at the tick-tock podcast interview yesterday with my day one fam. Goes to prove that time and distance mean nothing with real people one has an indelible history. God bless you guys want an amazing time GQ and Kate. My heart was full yesterday. Rapturous laughter and unbridled joy is a must anytime we jam.”


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