2023 Elections: US Embassy Issues Security Alert 

The United States Embassy in Nigeria has alerted its citizens of possible protests during or immediately after Nigeria’s elections which is holding on February 25 and March 11.

The Embassy also said as it was usually practiced during past elections, restricted movements should be expected to be imposed nationwide on the days of the elections.

In a notice on its website, the Embassy advised its nationals to avoid rallies as “they can turn violent with little or no notice”.

In the notice titled, ‘Security Alert – Possible Protests Leading to Elections and Restricted Movements on Election Days’,

The Embassy also advised American citizens in Nigeria to have three days of food and water at home in case movement restrictions are extended beyond election days.

The notice road: “The Government of Nigeria will restrict the movement of all personal vehicles on election days across the country,” adding that: “Information from the Government of Nigeria indicates that only law enforcement personnel and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)-accredited election observers will be allowed to move freely along the roads.”

“Based on past election practice, we anticipate personal vehicles will be blocked from any and all attempted road movement from 00:00 until 18:00 February 25 and 00:00 until 18:00 March 11.

“Please be advised that movement restrictions may be extended at any time. Be alert to Government of Nigeria information about the restrictions.”

The Embassy advised its citizens in Nigeria to take following actions:  Have three days of food and water in your residence in case movement restrictions are extended beyond Election Day; Have a pre-packed bag that contains your travel documents, medications, toiletries, cash, and clothes in case you need to relocate from your residence; Avoid large crowds; Be aware of your surroundings; Keep a low profile; Carry proper identification; Review your personal security plans; Keep your cell phone charged in case of emergency; Monitor local media for updates.


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