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Charles Inojie Says Nollywood Is Filled With Jezebel’s Daughters

Nollywood actor, Charles Inojie, said there is an army of Jezebel’s daughters in the movie industry.

He these ladies would go to any length to secure movie roles.

The veteran actor said this during Honest Bunch Podcast, noting that the Nollywood industry is crawling with women who seek the downfall of movie producers.

Comparing said women to the wicked and deceptive woman named Jezebel in the Holy Bible, he added that they would go to any length for a movie part.

Inojie said, “There is an army of Jezebel daughters looking for directors and producers to fall.

“So, the level of desperation among some of these girls is also an issue. There are some actresses who can do anything just to be in front of the camera.”

He noted that sex-for-roles crisis runs rampant in the industry and is a two-way phenomenon.

According to him, aspiring actresses easily fall into the traps set by the producers and directors because of their desperation.

The actor added, “And when you meet a character who is not properly formed as the director or producer, he will fall. So, there are actresses like that.

“The issue of sex-for-role is not just one-way, it is a two-way thing. That’s why they are quick to fall into the booby traps set by a lot of producers and directors with characters that are not properly formed; people who came from very shaky backgrounds.”

Inojie has been active in the Nollywood scene since 1999, after completing a one-year acting programme in Bode Osoyin’s Writers Resort.


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