Public Outrage Over Kidnapping Unnecessary — Wike

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has blamed politicians for creating tension and propaganda to gaslight kidnap cases in the capital city.

He stated this in a now-deleted video shared by a platform – Symfoni News on its YouTube handle.

However, an extraction of the video was shared on the X platform before it was deleted.

“Some politicians are bent on making sure the government does not survive. And how do you do it? By creating unnecessary tension, carrying propaganda that something just happened here, they tell you it has happened 25 times. You must understand how our system works. They are those who are blackmailers, who are paid,” he said.

While describing the politicians as paid blackmailers, Wike decried public outrage over kidnapping as unnecessary saying, “You cannot stop total crime. Let somebody tell me as a professional that there is anywhere in this world where there is no crime. Because kidnapping happened last night in one or two places, therefore, there is insecurity in the whole of FCT. That is not correct.”

He lamented that citizens do not complement government efforts and are ready to fault areas that have not been resolved.

“When we came here, people say everything in Abuja has collapsed, no street light, no road. How many of you have even come out to commend us in these five months? All you do is pick one that has not been solved or that appears to be the problem. You forget the ones that the government has put effort which has yielded results,” he added.


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